How do I find serenity in life

How to find your way to relaxation and serenity

Having a relaxed breakfast and reading the newspaper in peace is what many people dream of when they meander through the crowds at the main train station on their way to the office with coffee in hand. Once you have retired, you can finally take the time to start your day with serenity. Gerd Peter Bischoff (writer, * 1949) formulates the pleasure of retirement as follows: "Satisfied serenity and relaxed serenity, these are the true friends of old age. " But how do we find it satisfied serenity?Does the peace of mind come automatically with the beginning of the retirement period?

The inner peace

We all know people who are naturally calm. Whatever happens, stay calm and balanced. Nothing seems to spoil their mood. Is it because of the genes? Some people have a predisposition for this or learn to be serene with their families. Regardless of the situation: Not everyone succeeds in staying calm and relaxed right away. Fortunately, you can learn calm and serenity even in old age!
There is no silver bullet for a relaxed life, but there are some good ingredients. You can train more satisfaction and serenity in your life with suitable methods and a little practice. However, in order to develop and apply suitable ways and means, you must first find out which situations are causing you tension. So first spot your serenity robbers.

Serenity robbers

Some Serenity Saboteurs keep us from maintaining the balance between tension and relaxation. Some situations or even fellow human beings can disturb the relaxed mood. My serenity robbers, for example, are delayed trains and long queues. People who bump into you or are completely rude to other people are exhausting my control and that stresses me out.
Stress can go so far as to weaken the immune system in some people. This can be avoided by taking a serene demeanor. You can even train your brain to be more relaxed with a few exercises. Due to the positive changes in certain nerve cells that are brought about in this way, you can no longer easily disturb the hectic pace and stress.

Paths to Serenity

A professional massage not only relaxes the muscles, but also the soul.

How best to relax is type thing. When we are balanced, we feel in harmony with our environment and ourselves. This is how we use the created Rest as a source of strength.


But how do we find more serenity?

How do we best deal with inconvenience? The stress at work disappears after the start of retirement. However, the day-to-day work structured the daily routine. Many people miss the structure of the day and are already upset because of that. A new structure for the day is needed. The best way to start the day is with Rituals and routines. For example, after breakfast, you can make a list of the things you want to do and structure the day accordingly. This makes planning easier and checking off the list also makes you happy.

Every person reduces their stress in a different way and therefore has to find out which solutions work particularly well for themselves. For some, retreating to their favorite armchair with a nice book, for others, a walk in the countryside is the perfect way to release tension. Serenity can be easy when you know how to do it.

How to find serenity

Stress is generally not a bad thing. Just see stress as a relic from prehistoric times. At that time, the body was activated in stressful situations and adjusted to movement. We can make good use of this additional energy through alternative movements such as gymnastics, swimming, cycling, Nordic walking or jogging. Without exercise, we are tense, restless or exhausted. Our body uses the perfect anti-stress agent, exercise, to break down the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. In addition, the happiness hormone serotonin is released through your activity. After exercising, you will feel more relaxed and happier in the long term.
If you don't feel like swimming, cycling, or jogging, or if your health does not allow you to do intense exercise, there are many alternative exercise options that are sure to suit you. Walks, for example, promote balance in old age and put you in a good mood.

A first step when you have no other option

If you don't get a chance to go for a walk, open your windows and let in some fresh air. This calms down and supplies the brain with oxygen.

Wellness as a balance

Another way to relax is the so-called Wellness. This includes various relaxation programs to activate the body: massages, therapeutic baths, saunas, aroma cures, fasting cures as well as meditation, yoga and Pilates. There are now a large number of wellness centers, including many with barrier-free offers. From massages to mud baths, there is a suitable offer for everyone.

How about a combination of travel and a wellness program? The tourism industry also offers various wellness trips. Cures, cruises and short relaxing vacations can be a relief. The German Wellness Association offers help in choosing a quiet break.

Create oases of relaxation for yourself

Those who prefer to strengthen their wellbeing at home can do their own Oasis of relaxation for inner peace and increase the feeling of wellbeing. You can switch off wonderfully and unwind in your own bathtub by taking a relaxing bath with essential oils, to name just one example. You can also find wellness for seniors in a sauna. Switching off and calming down while taking a sauna is an effective relaxation program and contributes to wellbeing. The advantages of the sauna for seniors are many. As a beginner, you should seek medical advice beforehand to check whether the sauna is suitable for your health.

Find peace with rituals

To support your welfare is more sufficient sleep an important point. Those who get enough sleep are automatically less irritable. A regular daily routine is important for a good night's sleep so that the internal clock runs at the right rate. Having set rituals before bed will make it easier to fall asleep. This gives your body the signal to calm down. One of the most popular tips for falling asleep is not only to count the sheep, but also to have a cup of milk or herbal tea, listen to music, take a walk around the block or read a book. There is a suitable ritual for everyone.

Mental ways to inner peace:

A good book is perfect for relaxation.

Mental relaxation provides the necessary Calm in your head. An important factor for inner peace is that Mindfulness:



This is what the expert says:
An important key to inner calm is mindfulness. “It reduces the hectic pace and stress and brings calmness,” says the doctor Adelheid Gassner-Briem. "Those who are mindful take care of themselves, their body, their life, their relationships, their diet."

- Doctor Dr. Adelheid Gassner-Briem

Mindfulness here means going through life consciously and perceiving the environment in and around you with its smells and colors. For example, take a closer look at your surroundings on your next walk. What do you smell What is blooming by the roadside?

Meditation for attention

Perceiving yourself is particularly successful with mindfulness training meditation. This makes it easier for you to linger in the moment and focus on yourself. Pay less attention to what is pulling you down and rather ask yourself the question: “What pulls me up?” With your previous life know-how, you probably already know what calms you down and what strengthens your wellbeing.

With serenity exercises for inner peace

Autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation are also good methods of finding inner peace. Both are easy to learn, ideally under professional guidance. As the name suggests, with progressive muscle relaxation, certain areas of the body are alternately tensed and relaxed again. Starting with the arms, over the head, stomach to the legs and feet, a different part of the body is gradually loosened.
In autogenic training, formulaic idioms are used that stimulate the subconscious. A calm posture is a prerequisite for this. The introductory exercise is the resting exercise, which strengthens concentration. This is followed by various exercises. With the heavy exercise, for example, a feeling of heaviness is created in the desired parts of the body. You mentally say “My right arm is very heavy” and concentrate only on the right arm. Warmth and cold can also be suggested mentally. This type of training lowers the level of stress, improves sleep disorders, improves your own awareness and body awareness.

With gentle, physical exercises for inner peace

Also through gentle, physical exercises, like yoga or Tai chi, learn to focus on your breathing. Movement and breathing are closely related. This training is suitable for everyone who wants to collect themselves internally. Just try it out yourself. The methods are best learned together with other like-minded people in a course. It's fun and you can quickly achieve success.

Singing makes you happy and balanced

If you don't feel like exercising, give singing a try. Personally, when I sing, I breathe into my chest first and then further into my stomach. In this way I regulate my breathing, hold the notes longer and feel much more relaxed. The whole body relaxes and reduces stress. Singing for 20 minutes a day is enough to reduce stress. Singing in a choir is not only great fun, we also make new social contacts. You don't want to join a choir? Just sing along while listening to the radio. Or try decluttering.

More tips for your moments of wellbeing

Another way to relax does not require any exercise: Laugh. How about a fun movie? Or a humorous book? You can certainly get book recommendations from your circle of friends or research them yourself on the Internet, for example by calling up the bestseller lists or on the publisher's website. You can also join a book club, have other books suggested, and share your thoughts with like-minded people.


So you can learn serenity and how to deal with unpleasant situations! You can then say goodbye to the stress of old age. Maintain composure for more joy in old age and focus on the beautiful in life.