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The success story of the Converse sneakers

Converse Chucks - the success story

"From the court, to the field, to the street" is the slogan of the cult brand and with it the company described its history in just a few words! It's hard to believe, but it all started with the production of robust winter shoes! Yes, you read that right - they weren't until 1914, when American basketball was just beginning to flourish first shoes made of canvas and rubber sold. And as luck would have it, the notoriety of the Converse chucks back to basketball. The famous basketball player and passionate Converse wearer Chuck Taylorhelped the Cult brand to the upswing! Hence the name of the shoes! Just a few years later, the cult label equipped the American basketball team at the Olympic Games Converse shoes out.

But at Sports shoes It shouldn't stay alone - the sneakers should conquer the streets! Hence came soon inexpensive Converse shoes on the market. These models were then quite simply in black and white held. However, American youth quickly fell in love with shoes, and in 1950 they were Converse chucks suddenly the symbol of younger society! The image of individuality and provocative understatement was born! In recent years, the cult brand has seen ups and downs again and again, but they never really went out of style! They had that Cult shoes Thanks to their image, because they were again and again Chucks pulled from the shoe shelves and worn by scene people. The hippies, for example, discover them Converse sneakers as a substitute for walking barefoot. Mick Jagger married in 1971 in a suit and Chucks, which helped the Taylor All Stars make a real comeback! Suddenly they weren't just being carried by stage feet - now all of society was wearing them again.

In 2003 it was taken over by Nike and the Chucks are still available today in the typical, rustic design - with only one small difference: besides the simple ones Taylor All Star Chucks There are many different and unusual models circulating on the market. Chucks with glitter, Chucks inOmbre look, Low chucks, High chucks, Chucks as ballerinas, colorful chucks and Converse chucks with platform soles - it seems like the offer knows no more limits! Despite all the developments, one thing remained the same: The Chucks from Converse still stand for individuality and independence! And if we're honest with each other - who wants to be like everyone else? We are all individualists and that's why we love ours Converse sneakers


Converse Chucks: The Purpose of the Side Holes

Everyone has probably asked themselves this question before! Some are convinced that these are used to ventilate the shoes, others think it is a certain lacing technique. But what is right now - both sound logical at first. What are you typing? We investigated the myth for you! In the meantime you have learned that the Converse sneakers earlier when basketball shoes were used and this is where the origin of the small holes lies. Thanks to them, a certain lacing technique became possible that gave basketball players more support during sport.


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