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Top 3 Android Emulators: How to Play Android Games on Windows, too

Android emulators bring the popular smartphone operating system to your PC. So you can easily use your favorite apps and games on a Windows computer. We introduce you to the three best emulators. One of them is MEmu, which you can also see in the video.

Android emulators: spoiled for choice

There are many emulators that you can use to simulate an Android system on Windows. But the more well-known software tools in particular have disadvantages:

Fortunately, there are still some programs that allow you to use Android apps and games on Windows with little effort. We introduce you to the three simple and free emulators MEmu, Genymotion and NoxPlayer in more detail.

MEmu Emulator: free and easy to use

With the Android emulator MEmu from Microvirt, you can run apps and games from the Play Store supplied, as well as external APKs, on your Windows PC. Games are easy to control with the mouse and keyboard, which gives you an advantage over your opponents.

The emulator offers a tool to set keyboard shortcuts. This allows the typical Android inputs to be simulated, for example swiping across the display, tilting the smartphone or tapping the screen. In MEmu you can take screenshots of your games and apps at the push of a button.

Genymotion: Android emulator for developers

Genymotion is a sophisticated Android emulator for Windows based on VirtualBox, which can convince itself with its relatively high speed. The emulator is primarily aimed at developers who can use it to test and demonstrate their apps, but the installation is also worthwhile for private users. In the paid version, virtual Android devices are even possible in the cloud.

Genymotion lets you try Android even if you don't otherwise use an Android device. Since Android games run at a good speed here, you can sometimes install games for free that would otherwise cost money on a PC.

NoxPlayer: The sophisticated Android emulator

The NoxPlayer emulates an Android that allows you to easily play your favorite games from your smartphone on your PC. You can install and run apps from the Play Store as well as APK apps. The NoxPlayer ensures smooth gameplay and can even run on computers with Windows XP.

The program can use the location function to simulate any location for the apps. If you want to record videos from the apps, you can rely on the integrated screencast function. You can find the NoxPlayer in our download area.

Downloads: Android emulators

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