Should a startup hire an advertising agency

Advertising agency or graphic designer: when do you book whom?

In order to be successful as a company, a high-quality product or a reliable service must also be effective in the public eye. This is where companies usually get professional help. There are various ways of doing this.

For one, it is possible to use the benefits individual experts to claim something. If required, each service can be booked individually with this variant, starting with conceptualists through copywriters and programmers to graphic designers. The second option is to hire a Advertising and marketing agency represent.

Here, too, experts from the individual departments are booked into a project. However, the individual areas work in more or less constant cooperation, so that the entire project can be placed in the hands of a well-rehearsed team. In order to be able to clearly weigh up which of the two options makes sense in each individual case, a few factors should be considered.

When is an advertising agency right for you?

The support of an advertising agency can be an advantage under certain circumstances. The two most obvious points that speak for the services of an agency are relatively obvious:

  1. The concentrated competence of the various departments
  2. Short communication channels

Companies that hire a professional agency to supervise their project do not just book a service, but a complete package. There is no need to search for individual experts, because when an agency is commissioned, experts from all required specialist areas are usually available.

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Another factor that speaks for working with an agency is that Supervision of the entire project in one place. All sub-areas, from texts to design to purely organizational factors, flow together.

Instead of exchanging information with each individual service provider separately, all information goes over one table here. The choice of agency can therefore be more sensible, especially for large projects. This is especially true when a Idea available, however, the scope of the campaign is unclear.

Agencies have the freedom to book the individual sub-areas in-house for the support and implementation of a project as required and therefore offer a certain amount flexibility - especially for completely new campaigns.

To bring the individual services of the respective professionals to a clear denominator in the end, which corresponds to what a company considers itself to be End product presented is often an organizational challenge. Therefore, working in a team clearly speaks in favor of the services of an agency.

Checklist: When does an agency make sense?

In summary, then, choosing an agency makes sense, though

  • :a new concept should be created,
  • the company has little or no experience regarding the Self-marketing can fall back on
  • it is an extensive project, and the services are used to implement it several different experts are necessary.

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When is it worth hiring a graphic designer?

Just like the support of an agency, booking individual services has advantages. In particular, if a concept is already on a firm footing, it can make perfect sense to only book the individual services of a graphic designer, programmer or copywriter - especially off financial point of view.

Often a company already has a certain amount of experience or a precise plan for the design and implementation of new marketing measures.

In this case, the individual booking of experts is certainly the one cheaper and also more sensible option. Even if only an "update" of the existing campaign is sought, the hourly booking of the individual professionals can also make sense. A graphic artist or web design usually has shorter lines of communication and can also react more quickly to customer concerns.

Checklist: When does a graphic designer make sense?

In summary, it can be said here that individual booking by experts makes sense if:

  • an experienced marketing department or a experienced person in charge can take charge of the organization,
  • it turns out to be more cost effective makes it clear to book the various experts individually,
  • Ideas and concepts that already have a certain shape have to be implemented,
  • just one part of an existing campaign Refresh need.

Conclusion: ask and answer questions

Advertising should be something unique, individual and optimally tailored to the individual case in accordance with the requirements of the company to be advertised. The same must therefore apply to the choice of practical implementation. Unfortunately, there is no blanket recipe or general advice for or against the services of an agency or individual service provider, but if you apply the advice mentioned to your company, you will successful be.

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