Which artist sings the song Low Life

Lady: “It's all much more personal on the street. Much more direct. "

Is that how you scout talents for "Damestream"?

Lady: Not necessarily. But I've already read through a lot of the inquiries that I get. There will be a collaboration here and there in the future, but first and foremost I founded the label for myself. At that time I received inquiries from Sony and Universal Germany, but still wanted to remain my own boss. That's why I founded the label in the first place. There are now one or two artists who speak to me. Maybe I'll stretch out my feelers a little.

So is it up to you to become a label boss for other artists as well?

Lady: For me it's a matter of the heart. When I sign an artist, it is certainly not just for profit reasons. But only if it fits the label and working together is fun.

What are your tasks at your label anyway?

Lady: Actually everything. From production to the finished product to the promo. I now have quite a few partners and I know who to turn to for what. Sony has a pool of people for something like that and just has to snap his fingers, but things are going very well for me right now.

Your press release says that a genre drawer is cramped for you. Keyword Leave the path of hip-hop. Why?

Lady: Back then, I always played the guitar and always enjoyed singing. And when I started doing rap, singing was very frowned upon. Nowadays there is a lot of music, like Cro or Alligatoah, that didn't really exist back then. A lot of rappers I've worked with also gave me feedback: "What's wrong with you, you can't sing, a rapper who sings, you have to pay attention to your image!" That has changed over the years and I've always wanted to work with other musicians. For me there are no limits in hip-hop, you can also rap over a metal beat and it still sounds great, everything can be combined. I always looked outside the box and didn't want to be in the hip-hop drawer, that often blocked my head, like this: "Is that too much, is that too little, can you still sing that?" It was always a fight with myself and I really put that aside on this album, tried other styles of music and I'm really looking forward to your feedback.

What is your ideal of your own music? Where do you want to go in terms of sound technology? (Question in the audio file: Is there an ideal where you want to go in terms of sound technology?)

Lady: No not true. I always try new things and just do what I feel like doing. I go through the day and when I have a cool idea, I deal with it and see what can be made of it. This is actually such a long puzzle game and in the end the last piece fits in.

If you come across a topic that you would like to make a song about, then you already have the idea: This is a classic hip-hop topic or that is a topic that can be combined with more rocky sounds ?

Lady: Yes, I know from the start how the song will be. I've been working with my producer since the first song, so it's a very cool process because you know exactly how he's going to mix and master it. With a lot of things that I have in mind, I can roughly imagine what the finished song will sound like. If there is a melody, then I can actually hear the direction in which it is going and then it's actually very easy. I usually do it so that I have the idea, then I take the week with me, just through the day and then think about a story, for example, how it could start, how it could end and when I really have a plan in mind then I'll sit down and write. I've never sat down and just started typing, I usually don't get anything good out of it. Sure, with features or something, but when I really have an idea, I usually do it this way.

Nevertheless, you made a classic Representer with Appletree. Was it important to you to show that too?

Yes, let's say it wasn't that important, but we work a lot with them Appletree together. They book my concerts, even then my first tour. And then the idea was that if we're always on the road together, especially on tours, and in such a way that it would be cool to do a feature together that you can then perform well live. And then I often had the problems that you make a song with someone, but they might be working or they don't have time and then you can never play the songs live, which is a shame, of course. And so it was really cool and we said, if we did, then we'd hit the bang, just put out a live song that you can just have fun with together.

I've asked Appletree the same question before. I would be interested in your answer: How do you see the Austrian scene at the moment?

Lady: I think the scene is pretty cool at the moment, it was definitely worse. I know from many colleagues in my city of Salzburg that there is something going on, not only in the hip-hop area, but also in the music scene in general. Just with Picture book and Crack Ignaz it started that slowly something spills over to Germany. We actually all know each other very well in Austria. It's nice to see when your colleagues crack something. So I'm extremely happy that it is blossoming.

It just started with picture book and crack Ignaz, that something is slowly spilling over to Germany.

Besides Apple you only feature Jezik ...

Lady: Jezik is one of those artists who wrote to me once, with whom I would like to investigate whether this could be something for my label. This is just the first attempt. He's a really unknown MC, hasn't had great success yet, nor is he pretty underground. Back then he sent me a song and asked if I would hear how I thought about it. That was a really terrible headset recording back then, I had to turn it up really loud and concentrate so that I even understand the words, but he has a lot of lyrical talent, that's why I've now put him on the album. He's coming back to Salzburg soon and then we'll see what comes of it. But he's definitely an extremely cool guy and I'm excited to see how it goes down.

Back to your album. You say on “street musician” that you get along very well with the “low life”. What exactly do you mean?

Lady: Let's put it this way: I have a lot of friends, some of whom are material, some have more money, others money worries, so I have colleagues from every class of the citizenry. And then I often noticed: What one person might have the other would like and vice versa. And then the idea occurred to me that some people are maybe extremely rich, but they lack warmth or warmth, and others may have money worries, but they have so much heart and so many other values ​​that you actually don't can say that wealth is money. I grew up very down-to-earth and take it all very humbly and just thought to myself that you don't really need that much to live, you can definitely do it differently, even if you are not so blessed or has a worse starting position. Just always make the most of every day. I have "Low Life" taken as opposed to "High Life". Just enjoy the little things in life - I think that's very important. It is important to take the time to just sit in the sun and enjoy it. Sometimes that's enough.

It is important to take the time to just sit in the sun and enjoy it. Sometimes that's enough.

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