Who are the best dermatologists in Dubai

What does it cost

You can post vacancies as well as job applications on dermajobs free to adjust. The display duration is preset to one month by default, but can be adjusted by the user.
You have the option of your offer always appearing first for a while. This ad will then be marked as sponsored.
In order not to hinder the visibility of the other ads, never more than two sponsored ads will be shown at the same time. If you want to place a sponsored advertisement, please write to us at: [email protected] The costs are 300 € / week or 1000 € / month (including VAT)

What happens after the month?

If the date of the display time has passed, the advert will no longer appear in the list of advertisements. Please note: If you know the web address of the ad, you can still view it. This means that the ad can still be found in search engines. So if you want your ad to stop showing, you'll need to turn it off.

Are you for fairness? We also!

In the past, it was increasingly the case that advertisements were placed weekly (or more often) in order to always be at the top of the list. Since some of these were providers who also placed 4-5 advertisements at the same time for different positions, this means that other offers are no longer noticed or are no longer browsed because the user thinks: I already know them all ...
Therefore, advertisements with the same name (same level of training (assistant / specialist / senior physician) same practice (group) / clinic) are only activated once a month - in the interests of fairness! If someone always wants to come first, there is always the option of a sponsored ad.

How can I deactivate an ad?

When you place an advertisement, you will receive a confirmation (if you have given your email address) to your email address. Please keep this email! In this email there is a link that you can use to change your advertisement again and again.
Note: If you revise your ad, it will not be visible to users until the administrator approves it again

Can I 'reactivate' an old ad?

Yes, you can reactivate an older display at any time, if necessary, adapt it. However, please note: All advertisements are sorted in the lists according to the date of their CREATION. Sorting is not based on the date of the last modification. As a result, if you revise an old ad, it may not be seen because it only appears at the very end of the list. Then it might make sense to readjust them. The background to this procedure is to prevent the daily modification of the display from being displayed again and again in the first place.

Do you have a question that is not listed here?

Write to us at: [email protected] The phone number given in the imprint is also used, but your email request allows us to answer at times when you might prefer to do other things ;-)