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"I'm afraid he might one day surpass even the ancient Sith. He is already more elemental force than a living being, a hole in power that threatens to absorb everything. He is a rupture in power, in able to devour all the life around him. Sometimes the touch is slow, it is nothing to control or focus on. Just like hunger itself ... "

- Kreia is talking about her former student, Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus witnessed the use of the mass shadow generator on Malakor V and survived its effects at the expense of his body. More precisely, he kept it alive with the help of the Force, which entailed an ever greater use of life energy. Eventually his own was no longer enough, and Nihilus became something like the ring wraiths in Lord of the Rings, a disembodied shadow. His mind remained bound to his mask while his body dissolved. Nihilus became the lord of hunger and subsequently devoured the life energy of entire planets (including devastating the planet of his student Visas Marr). Eventually he teamed up with Darth Traya and Darth Sion to form the Sith Triumvirate, until he and Sion betrayed their master and seized control of the Sith.

Kreia noted to the Jedi Meetra Surik that it was imperative that Nihilus be stopped before it would turn the galaxy into a lifeless wasteland. Speed ​​was of the essence as Nihilu's strength grew more and more and so Meetra faced the Sith on his flagship, the "Ravager" for a duel and defeated him after a long fight. Like Meetra, Nihilus was wounded in power and consequently could not win. His forces turned on him and killed him for good. Kreia explained that his life and power depended on his powers, which she regarded as a weakness and deeply loathed.

And how is he in the game? Let's take a closer look at the would-be raid boss:

His basic attack "Unrelenting Desire" deals special damage and removes all buffs from the target (!). It also reduces the cooldown of Power Drain by one. Not bad at all.

The just mentioned "power deprivation" is the first special ability of Nihilus and deals special damage to all opponents. There is also a 50% chance to increase the cooldown times of the enemies hit by one, and this is even guaranteed in the event of a debuff on the target. Whenever this occurs, the cooldown of Obliterations is also reduced by one.

"Extinguishing", on the other hand, is the 5-finger heart explosion technology from SWGOH. The target is instantly defeated if it wasn't a Galactic Legend and cannot be revived. In addition, the ability cannot be dodged and is deactivated at the start of combat on a cooldown of eight.

His Leader Skill "Strength of Nothing" gives Sith allies 60% attack and 150% steal. In addition, all of their protection is converted into health and they can only be cured by deprivation of health. In addition, they can no longer take critical hits. Sounds a lot like a bunch of vampires to me ...

His unique "Hunger Lord" ability gives two damage-over-time effects to a random opponent who is not debuffed at the start of Nihilu's turn. If all opponents are debuffed, only one random opponent suffers a SÜZ effect. At the start of an opponent's turn, Nihilus lowers their health for two turns. If the other members of the Sith Triumvirate are present and at least one of the two has a debuff, Nihilus also receives 10% move track and 30% maximum health per turn in which this occurs.

All in all, Darth Nihilus is one of the better characters, and he has a unique mechanic with instant kill. He can quickly get his opponents on the wrong foot and take out an important character. Overall grade 2: D

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