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10 Best Lead Generation Companies

Cyberspace can be a challenging frontier for many businesses. Lead generation is an integral part of the sales funnel and one that combines both art and science. Because of this, many companies turn to lead generation companies instead.

These companies offer services that allow you to focus on your core business instead. Reaching outside sources can help you increase qualified leads and sales and ultimately increase your return on investment (ROI).

However, there is one caveat: you need to work with the right service provider.

If you're not sure where to start, we have the answer for you. The 10 lead generation companies on this list are known for quality services, talented professionals, and the latest in marketing tech stacks. Try them out and get your campaigns rolling.


LeadGeneration offers lead generation, marketing and sales enablement services. The company has offices in North America, the UK and Australia and an impressive list of customers that includes Toshiba, JG Wentworth and AĆ©ropostale who share its track record.

Why Best Exclusive Leads, Customization, Engagement

LeadGeneration promises 100% exclusivity, which means that no leads are shared or recycled. They customize campaigns and adapt them to your business needs. From day one they work closely together and you can follow the progress in real time.

Commitment is an important relationship factor for LeadGeneration. They keep their promises even after the formal relationship has ended. When the promise is a certain number of leads, they will go out of their way to make sure that happens.

A comprehensive range of multi-channel solutions, including SEO, lead nurturing and call tracking, support your campaigns.

2. Callbox

Callbox is a hugely successful global provider of outsourced B2B lead generation and sales services in specific industries including IT and manufacturing. They have 16 years of experience providing lead generation services for brands like DHL and eBay.

Why CallBox: Best Account-Based B2B Lead Generation

A focused account-based approach known as multi-touch, multi-channel marketing is used for lead generation. The process begins by creating your target business profile, which is used to identify key stakeholders and potential customers from a database of 35 million companies.

Potential qualified leads are then addressed via targeted incoming and outgoing multi-channel contact points. This includes email, voice, live chat, website and webinars.

When you're ready to meet your potential leads, rest assured that CallBox did the job of qualifying them. The leads are ready to take the next level. ready to convert. Your sales team, armed with the right sales tools, can then move in to close the deal.

3. Upcall

Upcall offers lead generation services as part of a comprehensive customer loyalty package. Over 400 companies trust Upcall, including big brands like LG, Farmers Insurance and Airbnb.

Why Upcall: Best Outbound Call Services

UpCall has one of the best US call center services and a professional team that includes the top 3% of US call agents. Outbound call services are one of their primary lead generation services. The process includes candidate screening, cold calling, making appointments, telemarketing and sales outsourcing.

Outbound calls are basic services but show impressive lead conversion results. The increasing demand for such services, especially from big brands, adds weight to their credibility in lead generation.

Upcall's call center sales professionals ensure that your contacts become qualified leads. They take care of the heavy lifting on cold calls and follow-up while you follow the progress in real time.


CIENCE is a global company providing B2B lead generation services such as qualifying inbound leads and setting outbound appointments. There is a large community of over 1200 CIENCE customers including Yamaha, Microsoft, Google and Uber.

Why CIENCE: Best People-as-a-Service Model (PaaS)

CIENCE uses cutting edge technology supported by highly skilled sales teams. Their signature People-as-a-Service (PaaS) model is a well-structured model that combines talent, multiple channels and the latest AI technologies.

CIENCE offers four Paas models with the SDR team as the first choice. It is staffed with sales and marketing professionals and uses a multi-channel approach to create specific monthly accounts with results that include qualified appointments, meetings, briefings and demos.

Inbound SDR, CRM Migration & Integrations and the data custom sales research models offer various customized lead generation services.

5. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg provides tools for sales and marketing information. The brand is popular with large, fast-growing companies and has won numerous industry awards. The big brands that support DiscoverOrg include LG, Citibank, and Panasonic.

Why DiscoverOrg: Best B2B Sales and Marketing Intelligence Tools

DiscoverOrg connects you to the right sources for building leads based on the strategic information from their intelligence tools. Your data is guaranteed to be 95% accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date.

DiscoverOrg offers you a B2B database for business contacts and buying signals. The three critical processes defined are market definition, identification of top goals based on the C-suite, prioritization and forecasting.

Key decision maker information is updated at least every 60 days. Your prospect's departments include information technology, marketing, finance, sales, and product development.

Try the free trial to understand the power of DiscoverOrg's intelligence. The information you will receive includes phone numbers, email addresses, and organizational charts.

6. Overdrive Interactive

Overdrive Interactive provides end-to-end lead and demand generation services for businesses. They have an excellent track record with established brands like GE, Dynatrace, and Salesforce.

Why Overdrive Interactive: Best end-to-end quality for lead generation services

Overdrive offers comprehensive marketing and sales services. The focus is on maximizing ROI by keeping the sales funnel full with quality leads. The focus is massively on the rationalization of quality and costs.

The services are managed by a mix of talent, multi-channels and technology services. The lead generation programs include ABM programs, paid search marketing, and inbound marketing.

The overdrive doesn't stop after generating leads. They'll work with you to nurture leads to the final point of sale before closing the deal.

Overdrive focuses on quality and cost. The approach is to balance lead generation cost and quality. The tracking metrics range from cost per lead, cost per qualified lead to cost per sale and finally ROI.

7. CandorWorks

CandorWorks, a non-US company, provides B2B lead generation services to technology companies, media agencies, and publishers worldwide. Their global presence spans North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Australia.

Why CandorWorks: Best 100% guarantee for lead quality

Lead generation services include account-based marketing, content marketing for lead nurturing, event promotions, and appointment scheduling. The process starts with email / telemarketing followed by content marketing. Social media marketing and event marketing.

You have access to more than 40 million B2B prospects around the world. You should benefit from this if you want to generate leads worldwide. Your services are quick, efficient and reliable.

A dedicated team of marketing professionals under the direction of an account manager takes care of every project. A mix of tactics and technologies are used to generate leads.

CandorWorks guarantees 100% lead information and high quality services. Invalid leads are interchangeable and only paid if they meet your expectations.

8. SalesRoad

SalesRoad offers B2B appointment scheduling and lead generation for medium and large companies. It is recognized by major brands such as Shell, Microsoft, and Clean Energy and has won industry gold awards.

Why SalesRoad: Best highly qualified sales development representatives

The main goal of SalesRoad is to build sales qualified leads (SQL) through appointment settings and outbound calls. The focus is on appointment campaigns and lead conversions. They have a customer list of 430+ and have resolved 50,000 opportunities.

Their telesales managers are 100% US agents and cover 50 states. All of these leaders are very experienced and talented. The training programs are continuously developed and are three times as strict as the training in the industry.

A 15-day pipeline is offered with a 28-day guarantee after which any unused funds will be reimbursed. Lead generation service pricing rates are very transparent.

9. LinkedIn

Most people consider Linkedin to be just a professional social networking site. The reality is that they also offer other services under their line of business. The B2B industry has received LinkedIn's lead generation consulting services well. However, the focus tends to be more on the technology, healthcare, higher education, financial services and start-up sectors.

Why LinkedIn: Best, largest base of qualified leads, systematic approach

The three key factors in LinkedIn's lead-in generation approach are professional data, a business context, and newsfeed products. This approach has reduced lead generation costs by up to 28% compared to Google AdWords.

The platform has over 575 million professional members, 2.8 million of whom are decision makers who are receptive to B2B news. Ads and promotional items as well as newsfeed products are used to attract potential customers.

LinkedIn offers a detailed strategy for generating qualified leads. First, your product content will be customized based on LinkedIn's lead generation standards. LinkedIn's filtering techniques match your target person through member, account and contact targeting with members.

This is followed by the assignment and distribution of content via a segmented target funnel. The final step is generating forms to fill out target leads.

10. LeadGenius

LeadGenius offers end-to-end lead generation solutions. They are represented in over 40 countries and have more than 500 customers, including eBay, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Why LeadGenius: Best proprietary tool for vertical lead generation

Their proprietary software called Data Hub is used for vertical lead generation. The software configures each project for a specific vertical data acquisition.

Each project has a dedicated data scientist and account manager who is familiar with optimizing data strategies. Since the technology is self-service, you can run custom lead generation campaigns by creating ideal customer profiles and matching them with lead data.

The research team consists of more than 400 highly qualified researchers from more than 40 countries. Machines combined with human talent are used to get hard-to-find data.

There are three main activities in which Data Hub plays a prominent role. First, custom data needs to be created in certain industries such as e-commerce and payment providers. The second is to monitor key accounts by tracking signals, triggers, and events. The third option is to connect with leads who indicate buying intent.

How Lead Generation Services work

Right at the start we mentioned that lead generation is not easy. More than half of all companies admit that lead generation is one of their key growth challenges. Many elements play a role in this niche.

Some activity touchpoints include:

  • Database marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead qualification and promotion
  • Inbound marketing

And more.

Many lead generation companies build their entire business around streamlining these and dozens of other critical areas to build leads. While you can undoubtedly do some of these yourself, lead generation companies specialize in them, which often makes the effort much cheaper.

Finding the best lead generation services for your needs

While lead generation companies are an effective way to boost business, be aware that the market has more than its fair share of scams. It's easy to put down a facade on the internet.

Follow these guidelines to avoid potential problems and find legitimate lead generation services that are right for your business.

Focus on your niche

While lead generation is a generic term, you should be aware that many tweaked methods don't work well in all industries. Reach out to experts who have experience in specific niches for the best results. Avoid one-size-fits-all solutions because even if they work, they are unlikely to produce impressive results.

Make sure you have flexibility in pricing

It can be difficult to gauge how much lead generation services cost because everyone's needs are different. The most important thing about pricing is that some are willing to offer flexible options. For example - only pay for qualified leads or other specific criteria.

Reputation Matters

Be careful when assessing a service provider's reputation as this can be easy to establish. Always do extra background work yourself to see if they have a legitimate track record and not just use big brand names to impress. Case studies and customer reviews can be helpful for this.

Don't let bling blind you

Service providers like to rename standard methods to give the impression that they have a unique advantage. Before they are sold on impressive sounding terms, do some research on the claimed methods. Evaluate their tech stack and find out which ones are common or specially designed for a particular use.


A big part of the thriving business world is the ability to connect the dots. Not every company can do this, so there are service providers such as lead generation companies. Additionally, they can also catalyze smaller businesses that are just getting wet feet.

If you're one of them, or just want to expand while staying streamlined, this list of lead generation companies should be a good place to start.

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