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WhatsApp update makes it difficult to share pictures on Android phones

By Dennis Kistner | January 30, 2021, 10:09 p.m.

Many functions are intuitive for smartphone users. This also applies to the sharing of pictures, which was recently possible with little effort directly via the camera function via WhatsApp. In the latest version of the News app, however, this is considerably more cumbersome on Android. TECHBOOK checks what exactly is changing.

Most recently, an old function returned to the messenger service. To the delight of the users, because since then the use of the “archive chat” has become more user-friendly again. In return, the messenger has now deleted a function that some will certainly miss. According to “9to5Google” there are restrictions under the Android operating system with the latest update. This time it concerns the area "Social Share". This also includes the direct sharing of pictures via WhatsApp.

Social share without a WhatsApp button

The WhatsApp update was recently available on Google Play. According to 9to5Google, this update will remove WhatsApp from the social share section in the Google camera. Previously, images could be shared here directly via the WhatsApp button. However, the sharing of pictures via other social networks is not affected.

Sharing the captured pictures via WhatsApp is not impossible due to the lack of a social share button, but it is more complex. Users first have to actively open the messenger, select the respective group chat or private message and then send the respective picture directly. Those affected are those whose smartphones are equipped with a so-called stock Android. For example, the Pixel devices from Google and models from Nokia and Motorola. Other manufacturers such as Samsung or Xiaomi rely on a separate camera app, with which direct sharing is still possible.

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Error or planned deletion of the function?

Google introduced the social share feature on the Pixel 4 back in October 2019. Since then, it has been possible to share pictures directly via camera app in social networks and via messengers such as WhatsApp. It is not clear whether the current update is a bug. Users * should not be happy to delete the function, because now more than just a movement is necessary to quickly send pictures to friends.

If you want to continue using the function in the social share area, you should do without the WhatsApp update on Android. If the feature is accidentally dropped, WhatsApp will surely fix the error quickly.

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