What does rational order mean

The impact of stress on rational people and what to do about it

This is how you can help your employees reduce stress in the workplace

As a first step, you should address these employees in the language they understand. Find out what is important to the rational thinker. Now you can help to tackle his problems in the workplace directly in order to find clarity and security in the chaos again.

Find out what exactly these rational thinking employees need to feel safe. With Whole BrainĀ® Thinking you have a tool at hand that helps you to recognize such rational thinkers, for example. This allows you to easily adapt your management style and lead elegantly through stressful times.

For the rational thinker, it's all about details. You rely on comprehensive plans that are well researched and thought out, and on data and facts that are based on clear justifications. Make sure these people understand their role and what you expect from them.

Rational thinkers need time and space to deal with a stressful situation in a methodical way. Don't overwhelm them with too many tasks or an overarching vision. Instead, help them break down complex problems into manageable projects that they can work on step-by-step.

In stressful moments, rational thinkers need to be able to feel safe. This means clear expectations, comprehensive plans, and supporting data.