What are some underrated places in Iceland

Reykjanes - the most underrated region near Reykjavik

When it comes to the accessibility of the spots, I'm only talking about the winter experiences. In summer they can all be reached easily. But let's just let your imagination run wild while reading the spots without pictures!

Kleifarvatn is always our first spot and I've already written my own blog entry about it and a vlog was created at this location. The lake is right on the way to Reykjanes and is always worth a visit!

On the way to the Krisuvikurberg cliffs a small river has to be crossed. This can cause problems in winter, so caution is always advised here. However, it is also possible to park the car to the side of the path and hike the rest of the way. I estimate this will take about 15 minutes. The view from the cliffs is definitely worth it!

The next spot on our route is Selatangar. A black sand beach with rocks in the water can be easily reached here. Amazing to look at in high waves. Otherwise, it's worth walking around a little and exploring the area on your own.

It goes on to Brimketill Lava Pool. Here nature has actually carved a kind of stone pool on the cliffs, in which it is possible to swim in calm seas. However, this is sea water and therefore not particularly warm. During the winter I never saw this place calmly and therefore it is particularly known for impressive wave pictures as soon as they break on the rocks.

The next spot is a hot spring, too Geo Thermal Hot Spring called. Very cool to look at because of the steam. Some love such places, some find them boring. There is only one thing that helps: try it yourself!

Now it gets particularly exciting, namely the is right around the corner on a small hill Reykjanes lighthouse. A very mystical place right by the sea and it's definitely worth the view of the cliffs from above Valahnukam oil to enjoy. These are in the immediate vicinity and this is also a must visit!

The last spot Miðlína is geographically very significant, because here the tectonic plates of Europe and America meet, so to speak. The panels are separated by a bridge, so to speak, and therefore it also makes this place unique.

But there are also many adventures waiting unnamed locations. Drive into a side street on the way and climb the nearby hill or mountain? Everything is possible. Create your own adventures!